Stress-free comfortable dentistry.

Being afraid of the dentist means different things to different people. It might be the fear of pain, sounds or smells or previous bad memories. At Elstead Dental Surgery, we aim to make your visit as stress-free and comfortable as possible. Our dentist and support staff are specifically trained to make your visit a better experience. You are not on your own feeling anxious about dentistry. 

Most patients find that a few tips and our caring and sympathetic approach is enough to allow treatment to be completed. However, if you are extremely nervous Minna and Nick are fully trained in conscious sedation techniques.

intravenous sedation

IV sedation is the most commonly used form of anxiety relief in our practice. It is very safe and completely relaxes you to allow us to complete the treatment. Although you are conscious throughout, you do get some amnesia and forget the treatment, so it is safe than general anaesthesia.

You will need to have somebody to look after you, but you will go home that day. Intravenous sedation is not suitable for children under 12,

oral sedation

Small doses of sedative drug can be given the night before, the morning of and before the treatment This option is good for mildly anxious patients. 

Hints & Tips:

Minna has a very caring approach to patients that are very nervous. Would highly recommend her and her teams services.
  • Pick an early appointment, so you don't worry about it all day.

  • Take a friend with you, we are happy to have them in the room with you.

  • Start gradually with a polish and build up to bigger treatment, once you have built trust with us.

  • Take headphones and listen to music throughout the appointment.

  • Concentrate on relaxing each part of you body in turn.

  • Practice deep, slow breathing.

  • Agree a hand signal, so we know when you want a break, we will always stop.

  • Tell us your fears and concerns, there's usually another way of doing things.