Are you nervous about dental treatment?

On the receiving end...

Minna had an appointment booked the other day with Nick for, wait for it, a filling! Yes, even the dentists need dental treatment! Here’s what Minna has to say about her appointment:


” I had ignored the sensitivity on my tooth for weeks and finally plugged up my courage to make an appointment (after self-diagnosing a cavity on my tooth). Over the years I have become more and more anxious about dental treatment so I was dreading my appointment. I booked my appointment for the morning, so I wouldn’t have time to think about the treatment too much, but I still felt the butterflies in my tummy and hands sweating  whilst I was waiting for my turn. ”

“Years ago one of my patients brought music to his appointment, and as it seemed to make him more relaxed, I have recommended it to my nervous patients ever since.  But I had never tried it myself… So I took my earphones with me so I could listen music whilst having the treatment. I plugged my earphones into my phone and pressed the play button on my Spotify playlist. Nick administered the local anaesthesia and I didn’t feel a thing! My favourite Finnish music was playing in my ears and I felt that I could completely forget what was going on around me. And before I knew it, the treatment was over!”

” I can honestly say, from the bottom of my heart, that with Nick’s gentle approach and with the help of music, I felt as relaxed as one ever can in a dental chair!”

We highly recommend bringing your own music to your dental treatment if you feel at all anxious! 

Minna Miettinen