Sarah starts orthodontic treatment with CFast

Sarah's braces

Sarah, one our of lovely patients, has had her new CFast braces fitted recently. She has agreed to share her journey to achieve a beautiful smile.

Sarah’s Story: 

“On the 12th February 2015 I had my Cfast braces fitted. This was a simple process, completed in around an hour, and it was completely painless. I just had to keep my mouth open!

The impressions that were taken 2 weeks ago allowed an easy fit of the brace, this was just a fiddly process.

The white brackets and wires are virtually invisible, even work colleagues that knew I was having the brace couldn’t see it.

There was some discomfort for the first two-three days, but this has subsided now. I did get some ulcers, but the wax supplied helped. I found Corsodyl mouthwash very good.

I’m getting used to eating and speaking with the braces on – at first both tasks seemed difficult. The important thing is to keep the teeth clean, I always take Tepe brushes and a toothbrush with me and I’m in love with my Philips Airflosser. Highly recommended.

Here is the first photo, keep checking back for updates.

Minna Miettinen