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In-House Implant Treatment -

Restoring your smile

Dental implants look, function and feel like natural teeth and they are often the best form of tooth replacement available. Implants can be used to replace single teeth, multiple teeth and secure loose dentures, without compromising healthy teeth. At Elstead Dental Surgery, we offer in-house implant treatment specific to your individual needs. Our team works closely together to provide your dental implant treatment in a thorough and clinical environment. 

All our dentists are fully trained and insured to place and restore implants, and we only used tried and tested materials and guarantee our implants against component failure. Most adults, in good health are suitable for dental implants and although the initial investment can be considerable, they are the gold standard for replacing teeth and will give you the best outcome for years to come. Implant placement is a routine procedure that we carry out regularly at the practice. Most people have the implants placed under local anaesthetic, however we do have the option for sedation.

It is important to look after the implant the same way as a natural tooth. We will provide you with a personalised maintenance plan, which you must follow to ensure the implant survives for life. There are a number of good reasons to choose dental implants. Click below for more information or pop into see at the Surgery. 

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Most of us take teeth for granted, but they are so much more than just tools for eating.